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Friday, 21 October 2016 13:19

Totes Ridictionary 2: The Super-revised, On-fleek Edition

Written by Hermione Cameron (Plexus Intern)
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It’s finally happened…

Whether you like it or not, we have reached that age where the language of texting/internet slang is no longer confined to comfort of the screen, but has succeeded in creeping into our day to day conversations. The way we communicate is constantly changing and evolving, and it can be tricky to keep up.

Well fear not! Balthazar Cohen, the genius behind Totes Ridictionary, is back and here to help, with Totes Ridictionary 2: The Super-revised, On-fleek Edition, containing only the most up to date phrases and abbreviations.

Totes Ridictionary 2 is more than just a guide to teen slang. It is also a pocket sized youth culture bible, that offers insight into the origins behind the latest phrases and the contexts in which to use them (Did you know, for instance, that ‘on-fleek’ was coined by a woman named Peaches Monroe, who used the phrase in reference to her impressively well-groomed eyebrows - ‘eyebrows on-fleek’). Expect more where this came from, plus appearances from celebrities and conversations between popular historical figures as our author explores the connection between technology and language, in both a positive and negative light. Some would argue that this evolution of language is an inevitable and beautiful thing, which should be celebrated. Others would suggest that day to day English language has been ruined by slang and perhaps long for a #Throwback to a more hashtag-free time. 

The author digs deep into the complex realms of youth culture. He offers a satirical take on slang, and, in a more implicit way, takes a look at the role that irony and humour play in the popularisation of these phrases: For instance, there are only so many times you can use ‘lol’ as an ironic alternative to actually laughing out loud, or pose for ‘‘ironic’’ selfies until all sense of irony is lost.

Cohen demonstrates the simultaneously terrifying and incredible impact of the internet upon language and culture in a refreshingly light-hearted manner. Filled with fancy new phrases and cultural insights, Totes Ridictionary 2 promises to be a fun, witty read that can be appreciated by members of all generations and makes for the perfect gift.
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