The Inside Story of: Tupac, Biggie, Jam Master Jay Investigations From 'Hip Hop Cop'
By Derrick Parker with Matt Diehl

A veteran of the NYPD, Derrick Parker served as the lead detective in the Rap Intelligence Unit, the first special force devoted to hip-hop crime. For over twenty years he covered the hip-hop beat and uncovered the brutal truth behind some of music's most notorious crimes. Notorious C.O.P. tells Parker's amazing story, revealing the culture of gang violence and drug warfare that exists within the glamorous world of rap. Packed with exclusive interviews, anecdotes and photos, Notorious C.O.P. is the most authoritative work on hip-hop crime ever written.

320 pages / 8 colour pages
234 x 156mm
ISBN 978 0 85965 381 7 / Paperback