By Chris Welch and Simon Napier-Bell
Revised and Updated

Marc Bolan remains an extraordinary cult figure – as compelling an icon today as in his heyday of 1970-73. Emerging from the psychedelic underground of the 1960s, his showman’s charisma set him apart from the hippie set. From Tolkien-influenced acoustic songs with T.Rex to wowing teenage girls on Top of the Pops, the curly-haired London boy had the cosmic raw material to turn himself into a star. He came back on the crest of the late 1970s new wave, until a tragic car accident dimmed his star forever. In their unsurpassed biography, Chris Welch and Simon Napier-Bell explore the career of the first superstar of glam-rock. Written with the co-operation of the Marc Bolan Fan Club and June Bolan, the star’s first wife, it remains the definitive book on Marc Bolan.

128 pages / 100 photos
230 x 170mm
ISBN 978 0 85965 411 1