The Fabulous Style of Lady Gaga
By Laura Coulman

Back in 2005, struggling songstress Stefani Germanotta – half-crazed from hunger and one bad trip – reinvented herself as Lady Gaga, a fearless, attention-craving alter-ego determined to write and wear whatever she pleased. Once unleashed, Gaga’s arsenal of jaw-dropping looks changed the face of pop culture forever, inspiring reverence and revulsion in equal measures. Showcasing each of her most compelling looks – from glinting space suits to frothy lace fancies to blood-stained ensembles fresh from the abattoir – this book pays tribute to Gaga's own unbridled form of self-expression. Strange and Beautiful is as deliciously different as its chameleonic subject.

128 pages / 143 colour photos
260 x 190mm
ISBN 978 0 85965 472 2