Earl Simmons as told to Smokey D. Fontaine

Born in a housing project, raised on the streets and fuelled by a deep anger at the world around him, Earl Simmons – aka superstar rapper DMX – found a way to survive. Whether it was robbing and stealing, or spitting gritty and uncompromising rhymes about the life he led, one thing was certain: he would be redeemed. This is his story – from his humble beginnings, to mass superstardom and the adrenaline-fuelled gangster life he can't leave behind. Uncompromising, uncensored and with a powerful, raw message that is impossible to ignore, this book goes beyond standard autobiography as it deconstructs the man, his vision and the dark voices that still haunt him today.

288 pages / 70 photos, 6 colour
230 x 150mm
ISBN 978 0 85965 334 3