By James Riordan and Jerry Prochnicky

3 July 2016 marks the 45th anniversary of the death of Jim Morrison.

In July 1971, Jim Morrison died under mysterious and still controversial circumstances. This exciting biography tackles his story in its entirety, telling of his early family life, the intellectual roots of his music, his wild days with The Doors, his romances, and the mystery that still surrounds his end. The authors examine Morrison's angry relationship with his father, who cut him off when he was nineteen. They reveal how a horrifying and fatal car accident that Morrison witnessed as a small boy, influenced his songs and poetry. They take us through The Doors' exhilarating early days of struggle, up through the infamous Miami trial where Morrison stood charged with obscenity. Here is the real story of Morrison's death in Paris, based on interviews with new sources who conclusively disprove the official finding of death by heart attack. Break On Through is an insightful look at a rock legend whose cult following continues to grow. With dozens of unusual new photographs, this is a complete portrait of the man and his career.

544 pages / 52 photos
230 x 155mm
ISBN 978 0 85965 178 3