Recipes from Inside the World's First Vegan Restaurant
By Mrs Vera Richter

Before Gwyneth or Beyoncé, there was Mrs Vera Richter, the trailblazing nutritional guru who opened the world's first ever raw, vegan restaurant in California in 1917. From cow-less icecream to egg-less mayonnaise, glutenfree tamales to homemade almond milk, Vintage Vegan collects over 100 of her most mouth-watering recipes for you to recreate at home. Drawing upon a wholesome array of plant-based ingredients, Vintage Vegan features soups, pies and confections that are 100 percent raw. Loaded with vitamins and uncompromised by conventional methods of baking, frying or boiling, her delicious ingredients are tantalizing proof that raw is always more. 

96 pages / Illustrated
178 x 127mm / ISBN 978 0 85965 544 6
Hardback / UK £12.99 / US $16.95