By Mark Bego

Whitney Houston – whose sudden death aged 48 shocked the world – was one of the biggest and most influential stars of the past 30 years. Born into music royalty, and gifted with a voice like no other, Whitney was always destined for greatness. A number-one recording artist and film star – best known for box-office smash The Bodyguard and its theme song “I Will Always Love You” – she had it all. However, after more than a decade of astonishing success, Whitney’s life began to unravel. Behind the scenes, a nightmare of pills, drugs and liquor eroded her health, her looks, and her once-glorious voice. No one could have predicted that America’s Sweetheart would fall so far, so fast. In this book, Mark Bego – hailed by the Washington Post as “reigning king of the biography” – tells the full story of Whitney’s spectacular rise and tragic fall from grace.

224 pages / 20 photos
198 x 130mm
ISBN 978 0 85965 491 3